Investment Management - Unit 3

Investment Management - Unit 3
Determining your investment management policies and making your action plan.

Welcome to Unit 3 of the Both/And Finance Investment Management Course!

Before you start this unit... please make sure you've completed Unit 1 here and Unit 2 here.

To begin Unit 3... use the link below to create a copy of the Unit 3 Activities Checklist: 

Save this checklist to your course folder and use it to track your progress throughout the unit.

Next, proceed through the videos and activities on the rest of this page.

Viewing Notes - 1) You can turn on closed captions by hovering over the bottom right corner of each video. 2) You can also change the playback speed - I like 1.5X speed or higher, personally. 3) These videos seem to work best in Chrome, on a computer (rather than a phone).

3.0 - Unit 3 Intro

3.1 - Investment Mgmt Preferences for Market Rate Investments

Resources mentioned in the above video:
Investment Impact Spectrum - link to my Investment Impact Spectrum stand-alone tool
Bogleheads Wiki Main Page
How I switched to a more socially responsible index fund - Progressive Pockets Podcast Episode 122
Getting Started with ESG - direct link to the section of my ESG and Me article where I discuss key criteria to consider when evaluating positive ESG funds
FossilFreeFunds - fund evaluation tool from As You Sow
Rebalancing Wiki - more on rebalancing from Bogleheads
Rebalancing spreadsheet - spreadsheet you can use for rebalancing calculations curtesy of Bogleheads forum members

3.2 - Investment Mgmt Preferences for Community Investments

Resources for Finding Community Investments:
- Non-Extractive Community Investing Funds Examples
- Local Investing Resources
- Crowdfund Investing Resources
- CDFI Locators
- Impact Funds Lists
Investing Groups and Clubs:
- Angels of Mainstreet
- Impact Cherub Club - from Superpowers for Good
- Check for community investing clubs in your local area!
Community Investing Due Diligence Resources:
- Intro to Community Investing - brief video series from Grubstake
- Warm Data concept - from Nora Bateson
Community Investing Avatar resource links:
- Main Street Journal
- The Next Egg
- Kataly Foundation

3.3 - Loose Ends

Resources mentioned in the above video:
S&P 500 PE Ratio and Shiller PE Ratio - from
Wealth Supremacy - book by Marjorie Kelly
Marco Vangelisti's article on Returns - includes reference to 2013 TruCost Study
The Resilient Investor Future Forecasts - from book by Brill, Kramer, and Peck
We Are the Great Turning - podcast conversation with Joanna Macy

3.4 - Action Plan and Wrap Up

Resources mentioned in the above video:
We Are the Great Turning - podcast conversation with Joanna Macy

That's it!

Congratulations on completing the Both/And Finance Investment Management Course!🎉

I hope you enjoyed the course and learned a thing or two.

I'd love to know your thoughts and feedback. Please share your experience with me at office hours or by emailing

Thank you and congrats again!