Intro to Both/And Finance

Intro to Both/And Finance

Hi, welcome to Both/And Finance! I'm Rebecca.

I believe that when those of us who are passionate about collective wellbeing engage more with finance, we can be part of nudging our economy toward something better.

But, I know that there are MANY barriers to our engagement.

Both/And Finance is my attempt to address some of these barriers related to financial education and information. I hope you find something here that is helpful to you!

You can learn more about me and my work on my About Page here.

Things you can do on this site

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Learn about my Both/And Finance Courses where you can build your capacity to understand your current financial situation, plan for your financial future, and manage your own investments. 

Explore my Coaching Services designed to help you address your financial priorities your way, in alignment with your values.

Check out my resources page for a collection of my current favorite external resources on the topics explored on this site.

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Thank you! ❤

The Finance Matrix and TBD Finance
I’ve recently had several “ah ha” moments in my thinking about current trends in finance. This article is my attempt to share some of this thinking in an organized way. If you, like me, are interested in whether and to what extent we can “use finance for good,” my hope
Rethinking a Balanced and Diversified Portfolio
In this article, I share an example of how we might think about a “balanced and diversified” portfolio from a community-minded personal finance perspective. This model is inspired by concepts from the The Resilient Investor and from a white paper on Social Movement Investing from the Center for Econ…
What’s Your Wealth Distribution Story?
I’ve mentioned before that a key part community-minded personal finance is awareness of context. In this article, I discuss one of the biggest context elements of all when it comes to personal finance: the structure of wealth distribution. I suggest that differences between the facts of wealth distr…
To Stock Market or Not to Stock Market
Dear readers, the time has come! In this article, I share some thoughts on…[*cue ominous music*].... THE STOCK MARKET QUESTION. This article is about the question: “If I don’t agree with the current economic system, should I or shouldn’t I invest my retirement savings in the stock

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